The Craft Room!

Thursday, June 16, 2011
The only room in our house that was not beige or white when we moved in was a spare bedroom. It had a french themed wall paper (my mother-in-law actually has the same wall paper in her dining room!) that we both agreed needed to come down. Here is a reminder of what the room looked like before...

This room became a very important room...the craft room! I have lots of craft supplies and it has always been tucked away in closets. It was always frustrating to have to drag it all out and put it all away so I knew that a craft room was a must! I called in some reinforcement (I really do have the best family!) to take down all the wall paper and to paint the room. What color did I pick??? Well my favorite color of course...purple!

The work begins...

Taking down the wall paper was quite the process! It came off in tiny pieces instead of in nice large chunks. But my sweet family was so patient. It took us two days to get all the paper off and get the room painted.

The finishing touches!

Once the hard work was done, the decorating began! 
Here is the craft room now...

I love it! The total cost of the room was around $120! 
Don't believe me...well let me break it down...

  • Paint (from Westlake)...$15
  • Table (it came from Kat&Co. in St. Joe)...$25
  • Bookshelves (they came from Target)...$20 each
  • Curtains (the fabric was  from Hobby Lobby and the rod from TJ Maxx)...$22
  • The "Create" decal (I found cute ones on Etsy but was too cheap so I bought a roll of white      contact paper and cut it out by hand)...$3
  • The picture frame on the right side (the frame was $2 at the DAV, the paint was $1 from Hobby lobby and the wire from Westlake for $10)...$13

Everything else was free...the black table I found in the attic at my parent's house, the chair is my computer chair from college, and the magnet board on the left is also from the college days.

Did I mention that I love it! Oh happy crafting...

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