The Laundry Closet

Saturday, June 23, 2012
When the hubs and I lived in our humble little apartment on the Paseo, we had a Euro washer/dryer combo in our kitchen. I think we maybe used it once or twice. You could wash a couple of shirts or two towels at a time because it was so tiny. The complex had a normal size washer and dryer in the garage that we paid to use but we also went to a laundromat when we had several loads to do. Needless to say when we moved to our home we were overjoyed with the thought of having our very own washer and dryer! Even better...the previous owner left her washer and dryer behind so we did not even have to purchase them...they were all ours...and the laundry closet is right outside of our about awesome! 

Here is what the laundry closet looked like when we moved in...

And quickly it started to look like this...

We don't have an linen closet so the laundry closet is pretty much our storage hub...towels, linens, cleaning supplies, iron/ironing board, extra toiletries/tp/paper towels.

It was functional but it was a mess so I took everything out and started organizing.

Back to where we started when we moved in. 

The first step was painting the shelves because the wood 
color was just not working for me.

Much better, right? I think it looks so clean and crisp.

Next, I went to Target to get some organizing bins. I made a list of everything that needed to be stored in the closet so when I went to Target I would know how many and what size bins I needed. 

I get really excited about organization and storage so I spent a few hours browsing Target to evaluate all my options.

And of course the bins needed labels...

Not only do I love the organization, but I love all the color too! 
Perhaps I am odd, but I get excited to open the closet door and see all those bins!

And now for a little before and after comparison...

Sunday, June 17, 2012
Last weekend we went my grandparents farm in Southern Missouri. 
I don't know what it is about going to their farm but I just love going there. 
It is so peaceful and I just think it represents the essence of a simple life.

Grandma and I in front of her garden.

And speaking of garden...look what I found when I got home...

Yep, that is correct, my first zucchini from my garden.   
To say I was excited would be an understatement.


Sunday, June 3, 2012
A couple of months ago the hubs and I made a bulletin  board to hang in our room. 
It is a place where we can leave notes for each other...things we are thankful for or that we appreciate about each other. I enjoy looking at it everyday not only because of the notes but because we made it together.

To make it, I stopped by a thrift store and bought a picture frame for $5. I thought about just using a bulletin board like this one from Target and then decorating it...
The Board Dudes Framed Corkboard 17"x23"
But I couldn't really find one as big as I wanted for a reasonable price. 
So plan B was to find a cheap picture frame and cover the back with cork.

 So once I had secured the frame, I went to JoAnn's and got fabric ($12) and cork ($10) and everything else I had on hand (primer, paint, and spray glue). 
In total it was less than $30 for a custom 2 feet by 4 feet bulletin board!

Here is a before pic with all the supplies...

First step in the process was putting the hubs to work on painting the frame. First, we used a spray primer then the leftover paint from the buffet that I previously painted.

Next, I laid the back of the frame out on the counter and used the spray glue to attach the cork.

Then, I had the hubs iron the fabric (here is a secret about me...I don't iron...I never have and probably never will. Thank goodness the hubs is so willing to iron!).

Once the cork was secure and the fabric was wrinkle free, we just wrapped it around the cork and secured it with hot glue (i forgot to take a pic of this step). It was quick and easy. 

Then we made a little "thankful" pennant and covered a couple of thumb tacks with fabric and then voila'...

What a great reminder to be thankful daily!

Happy Crafting!

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