Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Rememeber when I introduced you to my sister Abby?

I finally made the trip to Maryville to see her room all put together! 
She worked hard all summer to re-purpose used furniture to make her room extra special this year and it totally paid off! Abby lives with 5 other girls in a old house and she did an awesome job making her maybe 12x12 foot room extra special. 

Abby re-purposed the loft from her dorm room by giving it a fresh coat of white paint and cutting the legs shorter to accommodate the lower ceilings. Under her bed is the armoire that she painted this summer and fabric attached to a curtain rod hides her hanging clothes (she does not have a closet). The rolling chair originally belonged to our other sister Emily and Ab just recovered the cushion to match her room! 
Of course the best part...the embroidery hoops with the coordinating cute!

I am so impressed!  Way to go Sassy!

A Few Snips Shy of a Pixie

Please allow me to take a moment to tell you all a sad tale...

Over the weekend, I was getting ready to go to a tailgate party with my hubs and some of his friends. I took a shower and blow dried my hair as usual and then went to straighten my hair like I do everyday. I picked up my first section of hair, placed the Chi right up to my scalp, and as I clamped down, my hair started smoking. 
I pulled my Chi away and a section of my hair came with it. 

I freaked...almost broke down in tears...then panicked.
What hairs didn't get singed off were burnt to a crisp on the left side of my head.
It was fried, crispy, frizzy, and totally untamable.

Luckily I had an appointment with my bff in the hair stylist world, Clover, scheduled for today. I had texted Clover to give her an advanced warning but she was a little overwhelmed when I showed up. She consulted another stylist and together they went after my hair.  Apparently if you burn your hair all you can do is cut it becasue no amount of conditioning or hot oil treatments (which we tried) can reverse the damage. 
In the end, I ended up with what I think is my shortest haircut ever. 
It is going to take some getting used to but sweet Clover gave it her best shot. 

It is just a few snips shy of being a pixie cut.

Labor Day Weekend - 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
For Labor Day my family went to the Lake of the Ozarks for the weekend. 
It also happened to be my oldest brother, Shawn's, 30th birthday!

The weekend was filled with lots of food, games, swimming,
 jet skiing, and general togetherness.

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