Addy's Stories

...A message from Addy's aunts and uncles...

Through most of Addalyn's pregnancy, her mom and dad knew her time outside the womb would be limited. Her mama was determined to give her a storied life - so she did like so many mom and dads do: together they decorated a Valentine's day box, they visited the zoo, they built a snowman, and of course, they read together. The only unique part, it was all while Addalyn was in the womb.

Time spent reading to Addy was peaceful and a demonstration of love. Story time was a regular part of Addy's life - it gave a time to focus on life, not death and joy, not sorrow. Story time gave Addy a story.

In honor and memory of Addy, her aunts and uncles have connected First Book and Alexandra's House. Alexandra's House is perhaps one of the most incredible places on earth. A community based, peer support perinatal hospice program, Alexandra's House provides hope for families pregnant with or who have a baby who is expected to die near or shortly after birth. Alexandra's House helps to bring meaning to the families' suffering and helps families give life to infants who's life on earth with be limited. You can learn more about Alexandra's House by going to

Through the partnership between First Book and Alexandra's House, Addy's favorite stories will become the favorites of other babies like her. Moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, big brothers and sisters will grow memories that will make the tears those of joy not only sorrow.

Your contribution to this Virtual Book Drive will be used to purchase children's books which will be donated to families supported by Alexandra's House. Most of all, your contribution will help the memory of Addy live - her mama's greatest desire.

To learn more about the virtual book drive or how you can donate, go to

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