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Entry Table

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
I have been looking for the perfect little table to go right inside our front door. The space was bare and since the wall are just white it was looking pretty neglected. 

I searched and searched for the perfect table but I just could not find anything that I loved for the right price. When I was home visiting my parents one weekend, I journeyed up to my parents attic. It is full of random stuff...unused furniture, holiday decorations, childhood keepsakes, and lo and behold, the perfect table for my entry! I convinced my mom to let me have it...for free! 

I brought it home and stuck it in the place and it fit great (the sign above the table was a Christmas gift from my grandparents!).  Of course I could not leave well enough alone because the table had seen better days...

 I think it took lots of abuse from 7 kids and a large collection of animals at my parents house but it was solid wood so I sanded and sanded and ended up with this...

 It was a very messy process but I sanded until the wood was smooth and the original finish was gone. Then I wiped it down, let it dry, and gathered my supplies.

The paint was left over from when I did the buffet in my front room, as well the polyacrylic, so I just had to purchase the primer. I went with a grey spray primer and it did the trick. I bought two cans of primer so in total it cost me $6! 

Two coats of primer...

Then two coats of the Gulf Shores Blue and then two coats of  polyacrylic. 
Why two coats of each? I have no idea that just what I was feeling I guess.

I let it dry for a couple of days then brought it in! I used an extra knob from the buffet so once again it was free! In total the project cost $8...$6 for primer and then $2 for sand paper.  

Happy Crafting!

The Yellow Dresser....

Sunday, August 14, 2011
My hubby's momma gave me a dresser and a bed frame recently for our guest room so I busted out the sander and paint brush and got to work on the dresser first! Here is the before...

Oops, apparently I didn't take a before picture with all the drawers in but it does have all the drawers. Structurally it was in great shape but it just needed some TLC.

First, I sanded then filled the holes from the knobs...

Next came the priming...oh and a little tip, spray paint primer is awesome! It it so quick to apply and it drys really fast too...I think I am in love!

Then came the pretty paint...I used Marigold by Glidden

And finally the knobs...they may or may not be little birds...precious!

One more time...before

And after...

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