18 Weeks

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I hit my highest weight when I was working nights in the Pediatric ICU. 
It was a stressful job where I faced life and death on a nightly basis (perhaps forshadowing for what was to come in my life?).  It takes a special nurse to work in the PICU and after a year, I realized I was not one of them.

When I would have a stressful night, I would go to the cafeteria during my lunch (mind you it was 2am) and get a plate of fries and a grilled cheese sandwich...you know one of those really good grilled cheese...texas toast rolled over the cascading butter and then fried in even more butter. It was so good that I used to eat them with a fork because I didn't like the butter saturating my fingers. 

After a shift change and a job change, I took up boxing and dropped my PICU weight. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I continued with the workouts. I tracked my heart rate at my OB's request and scaled the workouts back to stay in a safe zone. Once things got complicated around 12 weeks, I struggled to keep up with the workouts. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted so I gave myself permission to stop boxing.

I only gained 35 pounds throughout my pregnancy which I felt pretty good about since carrots don't constitute "comfort food" in my book. When we had a bad appointment, we would cope with good food...Mexican, Flea Market Burgers, Mac&Cheese from McCoy's, Stroud's, etc. Why is it that food has a way of making us feel better?

After Addy was born, I started walking and by 6 weeks post baby, I had dropped 15 pounds. With the blessing of my OB, I started boxing again after 7 weeks and slowly my clothes are beginning to fit again.

Most days, I find that I am exhausted from trying to feel normal in a very unnormal world. My emotions fluctuate, I feel drained, and a good nights sleep is few and far between. So, I am getting serious about getting healthy...physically, mentally, and emotionally. I started seeing a counselor weekly to help me work through the grief, am making an effort to attend the monthly support groups at Alexandra's House, made a 'bucket list' of things I want to accomplish in the coming year (perhaps I will share as I begin to cross things off the list), continue to go to my boxing classes, and am trying to avoid processed foods to refuel my weary body with natural, clean foods. 

Sad, Depleted, Heart Broken, Weary, Bitter, Devastated, Angry, Jealous
Grief is a process and I have felt the gamut of emotions...sometimes all in just one day. There are days where the tears will not cease, some days my chest burns without avail, and some days I find myself being so angry and frustrated that everything just makes me mad. 
This year, I have to focus on me and restoring my brokenness. 
When I turn 29 next July, I want to be able to look back and know that despite how difficult the year was, I can hold my head high and know that I made it though.

Easier said than done? Sure. But I have to start somewhere.
Here is to turning 28.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
I have been beyond touched by the personal gifts that we have 
received in remembrance of my Addalyn. 

A wall plaque with Addy's birth statistics, an engraved necklace, a charm bracelet, a picture frame holding her hand and foot prints, a monogrammed keepsake box, a 'sleeping baby in angel wings' garden statue, a monogrammed blanket, and the list could go on.

I am beyond grateful for the outpour of love. 
Thank you to you all. 

This past week, a beautiful drawing of Addy and her luvie showed up in our mailbox.
I have no idea who it is from, it was sent to Alexandra's House and then on to me. 

She is remembered. 
If your hands crafted this work of art, thank you. 
Thank you for caring enough about my journey to bless me with a 
beautiful drawing of my precious daughter. 


Saturday, July 13, 2013
I have been so blessed by Alexandra's House. 
Monthly, they host support groups for brokenhearted parents regardless of where they are in their journey. There are expecting parents, parents who have recently lost babies, and parents who lost babies years ago.

We attended in April and for various reasons, I have not been able to go back until today. 

To sit in a room of people who have or will experience the loss that you have experienced cannot be explained. No two stories are the same but the feelings of pain, sorrow, sadness, and heartache are felt by all.  There is an indescribable sense of understanding as you share your story and listen as others do the same.

Both times I have gone, 
I have walked away feeling comforted by the fact that I am not alone. 

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